finding the kingdom of God on the emergency room floor

I often find myself complaining that I’m bored; that I do the same thing every day and every weekend and that I’m tired of how routine my life seems.

This past week started off with a nice little trip to the emergency room, which was anything but ordinary. We sat on the floor of Haley’s tiny room for four hours only to find out that they couldn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know (don’t worry- she’s fine).

At the very least, hopefully we were able to entertain all the poor nurses working the overnight shift. I can’t imagine anyone not being at least slightly amused by four girls rollin’ into the ER at 12:30 in the morning all looking like we had just rolled out of bed (I for one had actually just rolled out of bed) armed with two tote bags full of Diet Coke and trail mix. Meanwhile, picture Haley laying on her little hospital bed singing “I Survived” into a Gatorade bottle.


Anyways, once that ordeal was over my week continued as it usually does and I found myself falling right back into the trap of my routine. Go to class, take a nap, another class, another nap, throw some Parks and Rec (okay a lot of Parks and Rec) and maybe a minimal amount of homework (on a good day) in and that’s my life.

When I get super busy and have way too much going on and feel like I’m not getting enough time to myself, I get overwhelmed and I complain. And then when things settle down and I don’t constantly have somewhere to be or something to do, I get bored and I complain.

Every Friday afternoon Casey and I go to the grocery store together and buy stuff to make ourselves dinner. We don’t really plan it out beforehand, we just kind of go where the Spirit leads us (He’s never lead us to anything other than pasta or quesadillas…go figure). But this has become my favorite part of every week, and it’s teaching me that if I’m intentional about it, I can find joy and excitement in my normal routine.

Yesterday Casey and I spent an hour wandering around Hobby Lobby trying to find inspiration for some super cute Pinterest-worthy project we thought we were gonna do and walked out with just a couple wood shapes and some paint. Somehow we also ended up in the cut-n-bake cookie aisle at Walmart but that’s beside the point.


We didn’t do anything that special; we baked cookies and painted shapes while listening to a playlist appropriately entitled “Chillin.” But I had a really great day. And it helped me realize that every day of my life isn’t going to involve some grand adventure (to the ER or otherwise…hopefully otherwise). But I can find just as much happiness and excitement in the “normal” days. It all depends on my attitude- whether I’m willing to look a little harder or seek it out on the days when it’s not just right in front of me.

Today in church we talked about the Kingdom of God and it seemed to relate pretty closely to what I’ve been feeling lately.

Jesus answered, ‘The kingdom of God doesn’t come by counting down the days. Nor when someone says ‘there it is!’ Why? Because God’s kingdom is already among you.’

Luke 17:20-21 (The Message)

I live in the kingdom of God. If that doesn’t make me excited for every single day of my life, I don’t know what will. I can encounter God anywhere at anytime. I can live in constant expectation that I will experience God in both little and big ways throughout my days and weeks and months.

Some days are less eventful than others but each and every one plays a role in God’s plan for my life whether I realize it at the time or not. The kingdom of God is a place where my story meets God’s story. On my own, my story is nothing special. But when I intertwine Jesus into every aspect of my day, there’s no way my story will end up to be anything less than amazing.



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