VistaPrint business card spotlight [friday faves]

For my first ever Friday fav, I thought I’d highlight something that probably doesn’t come to mind right away when you think of things you need. And, okay, that’s because for a lot of us, these really aren’t a necessity. But they are so fun and- you never know!- could definitely come in handy.

I bought myself a set of customized business cards for Valentines Day this past year. I know, I know…how sad is my life, right? I had no one to buy me flowers or chocolate so I bought myself business cards. But guys! I was so excited about these!! I don’t even really like chocolate!




I ordered my cards from VistaPrint. They print everything from business cards to wedding invitations to t-shirts. I looked into some other companies but VistaPrint seemed to have the overall best quality and prices. I chose “standard” business cards because they were the cheapest choice but still had tons of customizable options. However, they also offer “signature” and “ultra thick” cards.

*Right now, the standard business cards are on sale for $7.99 and you get a box of 100!

The design ID for my cards is 1489720 and I love them. They’re so cute but also refined enough that if I ever needed to use them for actual business purposes, I could. Here are a few more of my favorites:


Once you choose your design, the template for putting your information on the card is super simple. You can choose to add a backside to the cards for an additional cost, but I left mine blank. There’s plenty of room on the front!

The options of glossy or matte are included in the cost. I chose matte and mine look wonderful but I’m sure glossy would look just as great if that’s what floats your boat.

Unfortunately there is a shipping and handling fee ($4.99 is the cheapest option) but since the cards are on sale for 50% off (saving you $8), you are still saving money! Or you can at least feasibly convince yourself of that.

No lie, I was so excited when my cards came in the mail that I ran around my dorm and taped one to all of my friends’ doors. If you’re a blogger, it’s great to be able to give people a tangible reminder of your site and how they can contact you. And if you’re not, it’s still great to be able to give people a tangible reminder of yourself! I mean, right? I think so. If you’re a young semi-professional, as I like to refer to myself, I guarantee handing over a business card with your resume at the end of a job interview would at least be memorable, if not impressive.

So, see? You do basically need them.


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