trust issues

If I were to ask you right now whether you trust God, your automatic answer would probably be yes. Mine would be, too. Of course I trust God to provide for my family and to keep the people I love safe. The kind of simple, everyday things He does for us that we so take for granted.

And that is why I don’t think this is the question we need to be asking. Let’s try another one- how MUCH do you trust God?

Most of you reading this are probably in the same boat as I am. We are so blessed beyond belief that it’s not an issue at all to trust that God will continue to protect us and provide for us because He always has.

But what about when something hard happens? What about when you want something, or you love something, but you know in your heart it’s not in God’s plan? What about when He takes something or someone away from you and you don’t understand why? What about when you’re confused or afraid or angry? What about when He asks you to do something you reeeally don’t want to do or go somewhere you reeeally don’t want to go?

Do you still trust Him as much- do I still trust him as much- as we do on the days when everything seems simple and easy?


As I struggle to trust God this morning, I am reminded of the story of Abraham. Abraham, who trusted God to the point of laying his own son on the altar. Who was faced with the most difficult choice he’d ever have to make in his life, and still the Bible doesn’t mention him doubting God once.

No matter how hard this was going to be for Abraham, no matter how many questions he undoubtedly had, he still saw no reason to disobey God. To the point of sacrificing his only son!!! This makes the kind of things I wrestle with God over seem so trivial.

James 1:2-4 says that we are supposed to be joyful in the midst of trials because we know that when God tests us, our faith is becoming stronger. I don’t know about you but when I feel like God is taking something away from me too soon, or when He’s asking me to do something and I don’t understand exactly why, the word joyful is not usually an accurate description of my attitude.


Have you ever thought about the role that Isaac plays in this story? He could have saved himself instead of trusting God. He would have noticed at some point that he and his father were going to the altar without an animal sacrifice. I’m sure he could’ve put two and two together. And as an able-bodied young man he definitely could’ve gotten away from his 100+ year old father had he wanted to. But he didn’t. He allowed himself to be tied to the altar.

So Abraham trusted God enough to sacrifice his only son and Isaac trusted God enough to sacrifice his life.

Do I trust God enough to sacrifice what feels most important to me? Do I trust Him to empty my life of the things or people that don’t belong and to replace them with things and people that do? Do I trust him even when letting go is painful?

I think sometimes I forget- as we probably all do- that whether or not I’m conscious of it all the time, God has proved Himself to be trustworthy in every moment of my life so far. What reason do I have to doubt Him? There are none!!! Every blessing and every provision I’ve ever received have come from Him.

Not to mention the debt that I owed which He sent His son to pay on my behalf. How now can I possibly withhold anything in my life from Him?

He knows what I want and He knows what I need. He knows when the two overlap and He knows when He needs to step in and clean up my mess for me. The only thing holding Him back from showing Himself to be faithful, showing Himself to be all-knowing and all-powerful, is me when I decide that I know best.

How freeing would it be if we just took a few steps back and let God show up in our lives? What great things could happen if we stopped asking so many questions, stopped making so many excuses, and just trusted that He has a plan? He has been faithful before, He will be faithful again.




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