five tips to finish your semester strong

Eat a good breakfast.

Having a good breakfast every morning does several things. First, it creates a small space before your day gets busy to relax. Sit down, don’t rush yourself and enjoy the quiet time. I like to get up 15 or 20 minutes before I need to to make sure I have time to do this. It’s worth it!

Second, a healthy breakfast will provide you with energy throughout the rest of the day. We are all so worn out by this point in the school year! I could take three naps a day if I didn’t have SO FREAKING MUCH TO DO. Eating breakfast, especially one with fruit and protein, will get you past that mid-morning struggle and help you maintain your focus throughout the busy day.

Eating a good breakfast also sets the bar high for the rest of your meals. When I skip breakfast, usually by lunchtime I’m so hungry I’ll eat anything I can get my hands on [strangely it always seems to involve carbs and chocolate…] And by that point a nutritious dinner is just all the way out of the question. Starting the day off right strengthens your motivation to keep the healthy habits going!

My favorite breakfast is a fruit and yogurt parfait. It takes literally one minute to throw together and has all the important components! Fruit will give you a burst of energy and the protein in light Greek yogurt will help sustain it. I use granola with added nutrients like chia seed and flaxseed, and a few dark chocolate chips on top satisfies my craving for the day!


Start & end the day in prayer.

Especially now as exhaustion is setting in and motivation is quickly dwindling, it is so important to start and end every day with a healthy perspective. Take five or ten minutes right after you wake up [full disclosure- I usually talk to God in the shower] to pray over your day. Tell God what you want to accomplish and what you need from Him. Tell Him what you’re thankful for and what you’re worried about. He will be with you throughout the day no matter what, but starting the day by talking to Him helps you feel that much closer to Him.

And then take a few moments before you end the day to talk to Him about what went right and what went wrong. What you loved about today and what you want to do better tomorrow. Ending the day with a healthy perspective is just as important as starting the day with one!

Make a list of weekly goals & put them where you can see them!

For me, weekly goals are ideal. It’s hard [read: impossible] to find time to sit down and write out a list of goals every single day. And monthly goals are great too but I’ve found it’s helpful to consider your priorities and check your progress more often than once a month. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of each week to write out some goals that reflect what’s on your heart and how exactly you want to be better really helps set the tone for your week and gets your motivation going.

I like to think of at least one weekly goal that falls under each of the categories of mind, body and spirit. If there’s something specific and important I need to get accomplished that week, it’s also helpful to write it down and have a visual reminder.

The most important thing is to put your goals somewhere you’ll see them often! I hang mine above my desk so every time I sit down, I’m reminded of what’s important, what I want for myself and what I need to be working on. Setting goals serves little purpose if you don’t refer back to them often!


Treat ya’self.

You deserve it!!! You’ve made it this far through the year. It’s okay to need a little extra motivation to get the job done. Earlier this week I had a HUGE report to finish [if you’re ever curious about Lululemon’s marketing strategies, I’ve got 25 pages for ya] so I spent too much money on a big fancy cup of coffee and cranked it out. And this weekend I’m going to eat lots and lots of sushi in celebration of my hard work. Reward yourself for what you’ve done!

This can help relieve stress after a long, draining week. And if you have a treat in mind for when you finish a certain task, you will have something fun to look forward to and be so much more motivated to get it done!

Start a summer bucket list.

Trust me, I know. At this point our feet are just dragging. I, for one, am literally crawling along trying to somewhat keep up. And it’s important to stay focused on here and now to finish out the school year strong. But as far away as it may seem, summer will be here in no time and that’s something to be excited about!

Start a list of some fun things you want to do this summer. When you feel your motivation starting to dwindle, think of a roadtrip you want to take or a project you want to do or a friend you want to visit. Write them down and instead of focusing on how tired you are, think about what you have to look forward to. It’s so close!! You can do it!



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