Saved by Grace Co. spotlight [friday faves]

My new friend Whitney from Saved by Grace Co. was kind enough to send me this super cute water bottle to show you guys! I’ve had this phrase written on every week in the fitness section of my Happy Planner for a while now. So when I saw this bottle on her site it was like the Lord Himself came down and told me I just had to have it.


Seriously though, what a great reminder it is to extend grace to myself; that absolute perfection is not a reasonable goal and that taking two steps forward and one step back happens sometimes. Being a pretty hardcore perfectionist, I often get caught up in the idea that if I can’t do it perfectly I shouldn’t do it at all. This becomes really discouraging, especially in the context of trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I get super down on myself when I have a bad day, and before I know it, it’s turned into two or three or four bad days.

I’m working on doing my best to reach my fitness and healthy eating goals, while also accepting that there are days for rest and mac ‘n cheese. Nobody’s perfect. As long as I’m trying with genuine and consistent effort, I’m making progress and that’s the most I can expect from myself. How fitting to now have this encouraging message on my water bottle that I can take on my runs which are a STRUGGLE.

Take some time to check out all that Saved by Grace Co. has to offer! Whitney is an awesome girl and she recently added a blog to her site. This post about our incredible worthiness as flawed human beings is one of my favorites.

She has some super cute merchandise available, too! This coffee and Jesus shirt speaks to my soul. She’s got everything from coffee mugs to candles in her home line and the prettiest prints available here. Phone cases, too! There’s so much to look at.

If you happen to be in need of someone to design a website or a logo, Whitney’s got you covered there too with her design services. If your personal brand needs some sprucing, Saved by Grace can be your one-stop-shop! Seriously, what doesn’t she do?

Happy Friday, friends! Have a beautiful weekend.


One thought on “Saved by Grace Co. spotlight [friday faves]

  1. You’re right, Al, grace allows us to make progress, which is all we can hope for…till the day of the Lord that is! lymtenmw…pop


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