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Indiana friends! You have to take a trip to Dottie Couture soon. (And if you’re not in Indiana you can shop online!) I was having a hard time finding something I really loved to wear for graduation. One of my roommates had just been to Dottie so I thought I’d go and see what I could find… and I found the cutest romper on earth! The prices are super reasonable and the girls who helped me were so nice. They have clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, everything you need!

This romper isn’t for sale online right now but here is one just like it!
And these are my pretty Kendra Scott earrings that can dress any outfit up a little.


My next favorite is this new bath and body line, Love Beauty & Planet. It’s an awesome brand- their bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and their ingredients are organic and sustainable. That and the fact that they smell SO good has me wanting to try every single one! The shampoo and conditioner make my hair soft and shiny and who wouldn’t want to step out of the shower smelling like coconut and mimosa flower?! (I don’t know what a mimosa flower is but I love them.) Pick these up on your next Target run!


Okay, so those of you who know me know I had to force myself to start wearing foundation on a (semi) regular basis this year. So when Influenster asked if I wanted to try a new highlighter, I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it. But they sent me it anyway and hallelujiah! The Lord provides. I love this stuff. I didn’t want to try highlighter because I thought it would make my face obnoxious and sparkly, but this stuff gives just the right amount of glimmer and is so pretty.

I got it in moonstone but they have lots of color options. It’s a little pricey but I think if you want to try highlighter it’s probably worth a splurge to get something quality. And for those of you who, like me, don’t know the first thing about applying any kind of makeup- especially this fancy stuff- it’s so easy! You won’t regret trying it out!


My last favorite for the month are these sandals! I won’t lie, when Target switched its jeans to the new Universal Thread brand, I was disappointed. I looooved their old jeans, and I think the new ones are not nearly as comfortable or flattering. But if there is something good to come out of this change, it’s these sandals.

I have a (bad but fun) habit of buying a bunch of crazy sparkly colorful patterned sandals that only go with one very specific outfit, and I never wear them often enough to justify keeping them around. So this summer I decided I’m sticking with the basics and getting a few cute but practical pairs that will go with anything. And these are perfect! They’re quality but inexpensive, and they have tons of style and color options to go with whatever you’re wearing this season.

The lavendar ones are here and the mustard ones are here.



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