fall Walmart finds

Happy fall pals! If you’re anything like me, you’re using the change of seasons as an excuse to shop for anything and everything fall-themed that you can find and convince yourself you need. Well, here I am to help you out in this endeavor!

My typical first stop for fall shopping is Target, and I love looking through all of Hobby Lobby’s home décor. And rest assured that I will absolutely still be making plenty of Target trips this season, but I found another unexpected fall shopping destination that I just need to tell you about.

Who knew that Walmart has literally anything and everything you could want for fall, MUCH cheaper and dare I say just as cute as anything you’ll find at Target or Homegoods? Now you know! And what’s more, I’ve already done the hard part of aimlessly strolling through the aisles of Walmart for hours and picking out all the best stuff that you just have to see. You’re welcome!

4.67 each | Wood Wick Wax Melts
If you’re a fan of Wood Wick candles you NEED to try these wax melts. There are tons of scents available but these two were my favorite.

14.98 | Home Sweet Home Tray
I love a good decorative tray and Walmart has so many of them right now. This one is my favorite and is under $15!

12.99 | DaySpring Products
I bought this super cute sign for my bedroom. Turns out DaySpring has a TON of home decor items available at Walmart so I linked their page and let me tell ya it is worth scrolling through!

14.99 each | Velvet Throw Blanket
Chances are you have a hundred blankets laying around already and don’t need another one, but how can you resist for less than $15?! I am in love with these (I went with the white but it was truly the hardest choice of my day.)

12.87 each | Knit PillowBuffalo Plaid Pillow | Home Pillow
It is darn near impossible to find a throw pillow for under $20, let alone a cute and quality one. So YOU’RE WELCOME for introducing you to Walmart, your new pillow destination. There are a ton of other options online!

19.97 each | Floral Mat
These mats say they’re for the kitchen but they’re so pretty I want to put them all over my house. I really think they could go anywhere! And they’re memory foam so they’re easy on the eyes and the feet.

0.88 each | Celebrate Harvest Products
How cute is this kitchen set?! You have to check out Celebrate! products for all your seasonal/holiday decor needs. I went ahead and linked the page for their entire Harvest line because I just think you need to see all of it.

6.87 each | Pioneer Woman Cooking Utensils
If you’ll be doing any baking this season, the Pioneer Woman has you covered. I picked out a couple favorites from my store but there are a million other cooking utensils available online. And if you really want to be tempted, she does home decor too. SOS.

5.92 each | in-store only
Who knew a $6 pair of earrings from Walmart could look just exactly like a pair you’d pay $20 for anywhere else? Unfortunately none of the Time and Tru jewelry is available online but it is worth your while to stop in a store and check it all out. These are a few favorites I found in my store.

19.99 each for shirt/pant set | Lets Get Cozy SetFeelin’ Good Set
I am a true sucker for cute matching pajama sets. So good news! Walmart has a new pajama line and it is PRECIOUS. These are a few of my favorite tops and I linked the sets with their matching pants for ya.

19.96 | Snowtipped Sweatshirt
You really have to drop whatever you’re doing and go pick up one of these. I mean… SO SOFT. And so inexpensive! The perfect cold weather cozy staple item for your closet.


21.96 | Anorak Jacket
I walked by a rack FULL of these jackets at my store a couple weeks ago, and when I went back the next week there were THREE LEFT. Well no wonder! It’s the perfect transition piece and comes in a few pretty fall color combinations.

22.86 | Double Knit Cardigan
Okay I’m also a sucker for a good cozy cardigan. It is a true miracle that with all the different colors and patterns available in this, I only walked out of the store with one. I have lots of longer, thicker cardigans that were way more expensive and this one really is as good or better!

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