#aldifinds charcuterie board

I am all about the snacks, and I love a good charcuterie board. Especially with the holidays coming up, they make a perfect Friendsgiving appetizer or Christmas movie marathon snack. A true people pleaser. And guess what?! You don’t need fancy imported cheeses or 37-grain crackers to make a delicious, beautiful charcuterie board.

Last weekend I hosted a fun wine tasting and shopping event with my friends at One Hope Wine and En Route Boutique and I created an amazing (if I don’t say so myself), inexpensive board made entirely with Aldi finds! Ya gotta love em. Here are the things I used, and some ideas for your own charcuterie endeavors.

AfterlightImage (4)
3.25 | Savoritz Cracker Assortment
I love this because you get such a good variety of crackers- and a ton of them- for three whole dollars only! Honestly they all pretty much taste the same, but having a bunch of different shapes and kinds of crackers makes the board look so much prettier.

6.59 | Trifecta Grapes
I’ll admit, for a container of grapes this seems a little pricey. BUT these were seriously some of the best grapes I’ve ever had. And you conveniently get three different kinds, which will satisfy anyone’s grape preferences and again just looks so nice on the board.

AfterlightImage (1)
3.85 | Hard Salami
I got so many compliments on these little guys, and for good reason! They fit perfectly on the crackers so no need to mess with cutting them into bite-size pieces. And they’re not too hard like some salami is, so they worked really well with all the different cheeses. More salami than we even needed for less than $4!

AfterlightImage (2)
3.29 | Brie Round
4.39 | Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese
2.75 | Specialty White Cheddar
2.19 | Honey Goat Cheese
The heart of the charcuterie board. Who else’s favorite food is literally just any kind of cheese? The brie is a must. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got and how many people were just absolutely shocked to find out it was $3 at Aldi. I think the cranberry cinnamon goat cheese is a seasonal item, but for this time of year it’s SO GOOD. When it’s not available, the honey goat cheese is a good substitute. And I like to  switch things up a little and add one or two harder cheeses, which Aldi has a ton of options for. Their champagne white cheddar sounds fancy and tastes great so it’s a win-win.

AfterlightImage (3)
4.39 | Milk Chocolate Caramel Almonds
4.39 | Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds
No charcuterie board is complete without a little added sweetness. Here’s an insider tip- Aldi has literally the best chocolate covered almonds. When I lived by a Trader Joe’s, I lived off of theirs. Turns out Aldi and TJs are owned by the same company so a lot of their products are the exact same. Like… the chocolate almonds! My favorite are the milk chocolate sea salt caramel almonds, but they are both to die for.

AfterlightImage (5)
So there you have it. Here’s my finished charcuterie board! I would usually sprinkle the almonds throughout it but since this was a larger event I had to stuff the tray with all the cheese and crackers it could hold. The best part, everything was under $30! There were 50+ people at our event and we had plenty to restock the board with, plus leftovers. What a fun thing to create! Try it for yourself this holiday season and let me know what your favorite ingredients are.

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