SIMPLIFY: closet edition

Step 1: hydrate. [Champaign friends- Espresso Royale cold brew with vanilla and almond. You'll thank me later.] Step 2: choose one box for keepsakes. It doesn't matter what size. The point is to have one home for everything you want to keep for its sentimental value rather than its usefulness. These things tend to spread… Continue reading SIMPLIFY: closet edition


living outside the parenthesis

I usually skip over the stuff in parenthesis. If I'm reading a textbook, you can for sure count me out. If it's longer than a few words, same rule applies. And maybe I'm extra lazy, but I think most of us probably have the same attitude towards whatever's inside the parenthesis- it doesn't really matter.… Continue reading living outside the parenthesis


ten simple ways to stay healthy in college

I don’t know about you, but in the next couple weeks I will be leaving behind healthy homecooked (free) meals, my family gym membership and a semi-regular sleep schedule for cafeteria food and frozen meals, fast-walking to class as my daily workout and sleeping just whenever possible. There is a lot to try and keep… Continue reading ten simple ways to stay healthy in college