Wholeheartedly: A Devotional for Singles by Natalie Met Lewis

I chose this devotional because I’m single [duh], but not necessarily because I’m unsatisfied with my state of being single. After going through it, I feel like it’s specifically aimed towards those who don’t really know what to do with their single-ness or those who are wishing the season away. Even though I’m not really in that boat right now [Lord knows I’ve been there before], I still was able to get a lot of truth out of the devotions.

Each day has a one-word theme that Natalie provides insight on. She writes about all kinds of things- from dependence to celebration to bitterness to obedience. With such a wide variety of topics covered, I felt like I had enough room to apply the truths to several areas of my life, not just my relationship status. She shares lots of personal experiences and is very honest about how she struggled with being single for so long. I’d venture to say that’s something we’ve all struggled with at some point.

My favorite part was that at the end of each devotion, she provides a list of several Bible verses that correspond to the day’s theme. I love the opportunity to dig a little deeper. There are a few questions, too, that give you an idea of what to pay attention to while you read. There is an absolutely lovely prayer at the beginning of the book that I prayed each time before I did a devotion to help myself get in the right mindset.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with the season of singleness that you’re in right now, or even if you wouldn’t call yourself unsatisfied, but sometimes get preoccupied with the thought of an earthly relationship, this is an awesome three-week guide to strengthening your relationship with God and reconciling your priorities with His plan.


He is More Than Enough by Kristin Schmucker for Daily Grace Co.

I chose this devotional because one of my goals for this year is to be content in Christ and confident that the world can’t provide me with anything better than He can. He is more than enough. This devotional walks you through the book of Hebrews, giving you a few verses to read each day, some super useful background/context information and thoughts to meditate on.

I love to journal along with my devotions. This particular book doesn’t provide you with questions or writing prompts or anything like that, but it provokes enough thought that I had something to journal about each day. I used the acronym SOAP to help me out- the “s” stands for the scripture of the day, the “o” stands for the observations I make about it, the “a” stands for how I will apply them to my life, and the “p” stands for a prayer after I’ve meditated on these things. This process worked really well for me.

Hebrews covers everything from faith and hope to rest to how God speaks to us. It is so helpful to have a guide to walk through a book filled with so many important lessons and messages. The devotions present the truth in a way that is simple enough that it can be easily understood, but also captivating so that I wanted to take out my Bible and spend a little more time in it.

There are so many more devotionals offered on The Daily Grace Co’s website and I want to read them all!

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

This book!!! You’ve got to read it. It’s not necesarily a devotional, but I treated it like one and read a chapter each day, journaled about it and prayed over it. There are some questions for thought and for journaling within the book, too.

She covers everything from simplicity to grace to surrender to gratitude in the context of friendship, marriage, children and general everyday life. And while some of these specific areas aren’t applicable to my life right at this moment, there are so many little nuggets of truth allllll up in this book that will speak to anyone in any phase of life.

The overarching theme of grace encompasses every part of this book. She speaks about having grace with yourself just as much as she does about having grace for others, and I think that’s so important. The idea of simplification is one that seems probably impossible for most. We have people to see, places to go and things to do. Our days are inescapably complicated and rushed. There are so many practical ways in this book to stop that! Actually realistic ways to accomplish everything we need to within a day and still feel unrushed, joyful and at peace.

There will be a part of this book that speaks to you, I promise! Take more time than you need to read through it and really focus on how you can relate her experiences and her advice to your own life. So highly recommend!